Friday, October 28, 2016

Cross Media / Transmedia Narratives

In my case study on memes about Clinton's stance on Syrian refugees, I have seen the blurring and bridging cross media / transmedia narratives about religion enacted. For example, in the Austin Powers meme, the meme draws the idea of an ignorant, overzealous villain from Dr. Evil. A movie is an offline idea so there fore bringing it online and adding religious political context is blurring the offline and online. The Justin Beiber meme is an example of bridging the offline and the online. The online pop cultural media discourse about Justin Beiber's hair cut, which even acquired its own hashtag, is separate from the offline discourse about Clinton's interactions with Syria but bridged in this meme. The Justin Beiber meme uses a sarcastic, pointed tone of humor in order to make light of the priority of online discourse. This shows the participatory nature of online memes by allowing the consumer of memes to also be a producer of memes. By becoming a producer of memes, one can change the dialogue in the online forum. This meme functions as a wake up call to those focused on pop culture online rather than, what the producer views as more important, religious politics.

blurring - communicated online is not being communicated off line at all

bridging - distinct yet linked

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