Friday, November 4, 2016


Image result for hillary clinton syria meme
Image result for hillary clinton syria meme 

The source of authority referred to in these images is that of Hillary Clinton's as Secretary of State and as a candidate in the 2016 election. This emerges from an offline context. The logic at work in this case study regarding how authority is being voiced in this case study is one of dialectics and paradox. Because the memes in this case study expressed very polarized, biased and flagrant claims against Clinton and Islam anonymously, uneven gains emerge. Some memes Islam is painted as it is in the second meme, extremely violent and closed minded, while other times other values are ascribed to the religion. Thus, the authority of Clinton is challenged as her values are questioned and the authority of Islam is completely disregarded and disrespected through anonymous online claims. This case study defines religious authority primarily through it's ideology. As seen in the second meme, the ideology of Islam is called into question as pro Hitler, abusive to women, anti gay, anti Christian and anti american. By defining and framing Islamic authority in this way, the message communicated about Islam and Clinton is shocking and loud. The shock value of the messages of the memes incites a multitude of responses; anger, activity, frustration. These continuous, unrelenting shocking messages about the ideology of Islamic authority eventually functions to erode the value of the information and the validity of that side of the religious political argument in the online context 

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