Thursday, October 20, 2016

Religious Identity

My case study focuses on Islam. Specifically, those Muslims in the Middle East. Gathering information from these four memes, key beliefs of Islam include ones that don't promote democracy, and promotes terrorism and rape. The crescent of Islam is identified in the top meme.  The traditional dress of long robes and head coverings is identified in the third meme. The religious identity of those associated with Islam as depicted in this collection of memes is one that is hostile, perverse and violent. The Muslim treatment of women and support of terrorist violence is described in these memes using blunt terms. Rape victims being imprisoned is backwards and cruel. Stoning women is barbaric and sexist. Terrorists are a global menace and feared all over the world. These simple terms make the religion seem strict and extremely critical. Similar to the picture that is painted of Islam in the video game "Under Seige", where a shooter avenges the massacre in a mosque by shooting everything in sight, putting these violent ideals into the political light gives Islam a very harsh identity.

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