Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Donations from Interesting Islamic Sources

With this meme selection, I hope to explore the media’s portrayal of Clinton’s interactions with Islam. This specific collection of meme’s will focus on the Syrian refugee crisis and Clinton’s use of campaign donations from various Islamic groups. The creation of countless meme’s on this issue express an array of highly opinionated views. These meme’s create a discourse which questions Clinton’s authenticity. This issue of the Syrian civil war is one which is extremely pressing and only continues to become more urgent. This functions to only make the meme’s more outspoken and accusatory. As seen in the meme on the top, even her logo is brought into question for relation to the pressing issue. In addition to claims made about Clinton, the meme’s also make claims about Islam. This is seen in the meme on the bottom with the use of the term “foreign terrorists”. This term is certainly not neutral in the description of religious extremists. Through more meme’s like these, I hope to discuss the ways in which media shapes the conversation about Clinton’s interaction with Islam.

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